- My iRiver H140 Backlight Colour Gel Mod -

Day 1.
Day 2: The Green One.

Last Update:  February 25, 2006

Well, the purple was just too dark, so let's try a selection from blue to green:

This is how they looked covering the screen, counter-clockwise (there are more differences between shades than the camera could distinguish):

I chose this one, a slightly blue-ish green, quite rich but still allows more light through than the pink from Day 1:

So far I like it much better.  The pink/purple screen was nicer in theory, but not bright enough and the colour wasn't deep enough (worst of both worlds).

Backlight off:

Backlight on:

Note how both the on and off colours are similar, another plus (less distracting colour changes from external to backlight).

The colour's quite appropriate as it's similar to the pretty backlight on the Aiwa AM-F70 MiniDisc the iRiver is replacing (a strange combination of 'sniff' for the looks and 'good riddance' for everything else):

Still need to live with it, but I'm quite happy how it's turned out.  Only downside of the gels is that they make the text slightly blurry - they're meant for colouring lighting and so aren't that pure optically.  It's subtle though.

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