- Olympus LS7 Backlight Colour Gel Mod / Teardown -

Last Update:  March 08, 2012

What's in an Olympus LS7?  Well I finally got around to gel-modding its screen (ie. changing the screen colour with a lighting gel - for more details check my old iRiver H140 gel mod). I went with a deep blue this time.

The LS7 is an awesome little recorder.  Visually I prefer the covered mics.  Functionally the extra middle mic captures excellent sub-bass.  And it can of course also play 24bit WAV files.

For me the only downsides are that it only supports 24bit WAV capture at 96k, not 48k (a waste of diskspace if you don't need 96k but do want the higher bitdepth).  Also that it has a really old-fashioned mono LCD screen.  And the playback functionality is basic at best.

Anyway here's some pictures of the process as well as some of the internals (you can also grab all the full-size versions in one convenient zip file, especially useful to study the circuit board components).  Be careful lifting off the front and rear covers - they have a clip in the middle (on each side) that you need to gently click out.

My colour shortlist & how some of them looked:

Fitting the gel (with slivers of electrical tape):