a Rockbox modification by gl.tter
last update: 01 Apr 2006 
FAQ  (Frequently Anticipated Questions):

Q: What is gl.tterBOX?  
A: gl.tterBOX is my heavily customised version of Rockbox (an open-source firmware replacement for certain portable audio players / recorders).

It contains many stylistic, visual and functional additions I designed & coded to please myself - some are specific to my own player (the iRiver H1x0 series), but many apply to others.

Q: Why don't you contribute your changes to the main Rockbox project?  
A: Because they won't accept them.  Technically speaking, Rockbox is a great project - the same can't be said for the admins' policy on code contributions.  In a nutshell, the Rockbox maintainers refuse contributions from anonymous / pseudononymous sources.  If they ever decide to revisit this policy I'll consider submitting some of my changes.  
Q: What audio players / recorders is this targetted at?  
A: It should work on all targets that Rockbox supports.  Some of the best features are iRiver H1x0 specific as that's the player I've got, and as it supports some things other players don't (eg. backlight fading or optical output switching).  Also the playback screen design (WPS) is currently H1X0 only (but could be extended).  
Q: Will usable firmwares and/or code ever be released?  
A: Undecided - for now these pages are informational only.  Keep checking back, or contact me (gl.tter [at] r-i-l [dot] net) if you want to get involved.  
Q: Are you interested in contributions?  
A: Maybe.  I don't have enough time (or the desire) to create and maintain an offical 'fork' (competing project), but check out my current wish-list if you fancy collaborating on a particular feature.  

Wish List

these are features I'd like to add - let me know if you want to colaborate on one (gl.tter [at] r-i-l [dot] net):

  20bit recording / playback support on iRiver H1x0's

including dithering & noise-shaping 32/24bit down to 20bit, and decoding MP3s at 20bit (the hardware supports it, but needs low-level code changes).

Update:  According to PreGlow, this will need an IRQ based 1380 driver (it's currently DMA based which is more efficient but only supports 16bit).  Not my forte, anyone?

  Full-duplex audio support, for:

Multi-track recording and/or
turning the player into an Effects Unit.

That will be my next project...



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